Staff Contact Details

Who does what

If you need to speak to a member of staff about a particular topic please use their telephone number or email address given below:

sports hall hire

Venue & Sports Hall Hire

At Greenwood Park Community Centre and the Parish Centre

Contact: Dani Medlin, Centres Manager
Telephone: 01727 874867

formal legal enquiries

All Formal & Legal Enquiries

Relating to the Parish Council including queries to the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO)

Contact: Sue Hake, Parish Clerk
Telephone: 01923 681443

allotment hire contact

Planning, Allotments & Woodlands

Planning application enquiries, Allotments and Parish Council owned Woodlands

Contact: Isabel Crozier, Assistant Clerk
Telephone: 01923 681443

parish events

Events, Grounds Hire, Memorial Benches

Parish Council Events, Grounds Hire (other than sports pitches) and Memorial Benches

Contact: Gill Marie Patschinsky, Administrative Officer
Telephone: 01923 681443

football cricket sports fields

Cricket & Football Pitches

Confirmation and cancellation of fixtures

Contact: The Grounds Team



General Enquiries and Noticeboards

Contact: Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 01923 681443