Frogmore Lakes / Moor Mill Timber Extraction Work

Tarmac will be commencing the next phase of forestry work at Moor Mill to remove non-native poplars and the existing log pile left on site from the previous felling. The work will start on the 5th September and will be completed by the 21st October. The plan below shows the felling areas and route that will be used for extracting the timber. In addition to the main felling area we will also remove two smaller blocks by the school and houses at Branch road and by the river. This will reduce shading and improve tree safety in these areas.

The extraction route will include a ford crossing over the River Ver and the use of some public footpaths. Our ford crossing plan has been approved by the Environment agency. We are not planning to close the footpaths but banksman and signage will be in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians. It will also be necessary to close the western side of the Hyde lane car park to ensure a clear and safe access route.

Once these non-native poplars have been removed it will allow the existing younger native tress to establish. We are taking the opportunity to create additional footpaths through the woodland as part of this project.

Our forestry consultant managing the project is Chiltern Forestry, they will be overseeing Mendip Forestry who have been contracted to complete the felling work.

Tarmac Frogmore Lakes Timber extraction Operations map Sept16

If you have any queries please contact the Tarmac offices on 01992 512758

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