Frogmore Lakes Update Dec 2015


The second phase of the tree felling and removal of logs from phase 1 was not completed this year due to the delay in obtaining Environment Agency Consent to transport the logs out through the river close to the car park. We are are now very close to having a consent in place and are planning to complete the work in early 2016. The timings are dependent on weather and we will advise when we have a contractor is in place and definite timescales.


Following the repairs to the footpath completed in early summer the dedication agreement for the river bank path is being progressed by Hertfordshire County Council.

Fishing Club

Discussions are ongoing with the Veralum Angling Club with regards to fencing some of the swims around the lake to offer some protection to the fisherman from disturbance by dogs.

River Ver

A meeting was held with Adam Buckland, EA Watercourse Inspector to look the amount of sedge and reedmace in the river around Frogmore Home Park. There is concern that this may increase the risk of flooding. It was agreed to trial spaying the vegetation with glyphosphate next summer subject to obtaining the necessary EA consent.

Japanese Knotweed

The Japanese knotweed was treated around the fishing lake, this treatment will be repeated for two further years to ensure eradication. A survey was completed to confirm the extent of Japanese knotweed around the rest of the site and this information will be used to develop a treatment plan for 2016.

Ver Valley Society

The Ver Valley Society completed a volunteer task to clear some of the footpaths around the site and are planning further activities in 2016.

If you have any questions please call the Tarmac Information Line: 01992 512764 (24 answerphone).

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