Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood PlanThe Parish Council has set up a project to develop a Neighbourhood Plan which will give everyone in the Parish the opportunity to have their say on what happens in their Parish. It will give local people the power to influence and decide upon various planning matters and will also ensure that the Parish receives the most benefit it can from any money raised through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

The community-led Working Groups include residents from each of the three villages in the Parish – Bricket Wood, Chiswell Green and Park Street. They are working to develop the policies which the Parish Council’s Steering Group will use when writing the Plan. Once written, the Plan will be submitted to the District Council who will arrange for an Independent Examination. If it is found to be satisfactory a referendum will take place and if at least 50% of those voting agree with the Plan it will come into legal force.  It will then be used to determine planning applications and guide planning decisions in the neighbourhood area.

There’s still time to have your say on what goes into the Neighbourhood Plan by filling in the Community Survey. The majority of the responses received to date have been from those in the over-55 age bracket and the Council would really like to hear the views of younger residents.  It will take just a few minutes to complete the survey on-line by following the link below:

Neighbourhood Plan On-line Community Survey

Alternatively a PDF of the survey can be downloaded below.

Please return completed forms to The Parish Office, Station Road, Bricket Wood, AL2 3PJ.

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