Parish Playgrounds Improvement Project 2016

The Parish Council embarked on an ambitious programme of replacing equipment in its playgrounds throughout the Parish during 2016 with exciting new equipment having been installed in most .

In Greenwood Park Play Area the old ‘Witches Hat’ climbing frame and two other pieces of equipment have been replaced by a large Spacenet climbing frame, with extensions and ‘hangout seating’, plus a Triple Rope Trail for younger children, or those not confident enough to use the ‘Supanet’, and a set of Turning Bars which are proving very polpular with all ages. Underneath the Spacenet is a large area of play sand which provides further varied play opportunities.

The new equipment caters for the increasing demand, both in terms of numbers and in offering new, exciting play opportunities and challenges to children of a wider age range. Additionally, the old Zip-Wire has been replaced with a new exciting Zip-Wire.

Further details can be found in the PDF of the proposal document which can be can be downloaded below:

Greenwood Park Play Area Proposal 2016
Satellite Play Area Project

Section 106 money received from developments within the Parish was released by SADC to pay for this and other Park improvements.