Neighbourhood Plan Working Groups to Delve into Key Issues

Neighbourhood Plan Working Groups to Delve into Key Issues

Following a series of public meetings held during the summer, St Stephen Parish Council has now moved on to the next stage in its creation of a Neighbourhood Plan with the formation of five community-led working groups.

The Working Groups include residents from each of the three villages in the Parish – Bricket Wood, Chiswell Green and Park Street – and have been tasked with investigating and researching community views and developing draft policies on what the Council see as the key issues of the plan identified as a result of the public meetings:

Community           Transport
Housing               Business
Green Spaces

Each of these community-led Working Groups will feed into the Parish Council’s Steering Group which will help put the Plan together.

St Stephen Parish Councillor Bill Pryce, who is leading the initiative, is keen to point out that while the Parish Council may have taken responsibility for launching the initiative and provide support through the Steering Group, it is very much a community-led project. He describes it as:

“…. by the people, for the people….”

stressing the importance that residents

“….have their say, voice their concerns and submit their opinions on any matter they may feel relevant to the Plan.”

Local residents are able to add comments and follow the progress of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan via the council’s website at:

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