Neighbourhood Plan

28 November 2019

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan document is now available and may be downloaded as a PDF below. The Environmental Impact scoping report has been completed, and is undergoing consultation with statutory bodies. We now hope to be in a position to go out to public consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan early in 2020.

St Stephen Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) Consultation Draft_29/01/20

Please note that this draft document (29 January 2020) is not for public consultation at this stage.


June 2019

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan is nearly ready to be consulted upon, however, a technical report screening it for environmental impact has to be produced first.  We are in the process of applying for funding and technical support in order to continue to progress the St Stephen Neighbourhood Plan.


January 2019

The Neighbourhood plan was submitted in draft form to St. Albans District Council Planning Department in July 2018.  In early September our consultant met with the officers dealing with the plan to discuss its progress and obtain their views, as a result there were some amendments to be made.  The views of the officers were discussed by the Steering Group, some of which were accepted, others were not accepted.  Adjustments to the plan were made, these were completed just before Christmas and the revised version will be the subject of final discussion later this month.  The plan will then be resubmitted to the District Council and we then await their response.


May 2018

With the development of the Neighbourhood Plan nearing completion the Parish Council are holding a Public Exhibition on Thursday 7 June from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Greenwood Park Community Centre to give residents the  opportunity to drop in and review the Plan’s progress.

Whilst everyone in the Parish will have the opportunity to make formal comment on the Plan when it reaches the consultation stage later this year, the exhibition will give residents the opportunity to share their thoughts with members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

7.00pm – 9.00pm Thursday 7 June 2018
Greenwood Park Community Centre
Tippendell Lane
Chiswell Green


Following the receipt of responses from the Call for Sites the Parish Council held series of public meetings throughout the Parish during May to consult with residents on what to build and where to build. The feedback from this consultation exercise will be considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

The ‘Call for Sites’ is part of the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan . It is a mandatory hoop that we have to jump through that requires us to identify any locations that developers may have on their ‘wish lists’. From a practical viewpoint this is a positive step – it means that developers have had to ‘show their hand’ now, rather than surprise us at a later date. The results of the ‘Call for Sites’ exercise were on display at the public meetings where residents were able to view and make comment on the sites put forward. In reality, with the exception of a few suggestions for some small-scale developments, mostly from residents, there was very little that was new and not previously known about. Many of the proposals could be considered as nothing more than fishing (or, if you prefer, phishing) expeditions, which are unlikely to ever see the light of day.

What it does mean, however, is that the Parish now knows what it is dealing with and can step forward with the next stage in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. This will be a full appraisal of the sites in terms of their viability and impact on the community, measured against a lengthy list of criteria that includes, amongst others, the effect on the Green Belt, schools, community facilities, health services, transport and traffic congestion.

The current list of sites put forward can be downloaded below and if you wish to make any comments please download and complete the Call for Sites Comment Sheet and return it to the Parish Office.

Call for sites – sites put forward by land owners 0617

Call for Sites Comment Sheet

The Community Survey is also still open for anyone who wishes to complete it, either on-line or by completing a paper copy.

For more information go to Council Projects – Neighbourhood Plan


Call for Sites

As part of the preparation of the St Stephen Neighbourhood Plan, it is important to consider the merits of making site allocations for development in order to address local needs over the next 15 years. This notice, which has been advertised locally, represents an official call to landowners who own land within the St Stephen Parish Area and may have an interest in promoting it for development. If landowners wish land to be considered for allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan then the following details should be provided: Neighbourhood Plan Area

  1.   A clear statement of which types of development the land should be considered for, e.g. residential, leisure, employment, etc.
  2.   The area of the land in hectares. Sites must be at least 0.1 hectares in size and be able to accommodate three dwellings.
  3.   A plan which clearly shows the extent of the land to be considered. Ideally this should be on an Ordnance Survey base or equivalent.
  4.   An understanding of how the site would be accessed by vehicle and opportunities for linking in with existing footpath/pavement and cycle routes
  5.   Any relevant planning history for the site, e.g. extant planning permissions that have not been brought forward.
  6.   Any legal issues such as covenants restricting the use of the land.
  7.   Confirmation that the site is available and whether there are any restrictions to the site coming forward in the short term.

It is important to be clear that submitting land for consideration does not mean that it will necessarily be allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan, nor does it mean that it is more likely to gain planning permission. At this stage the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is simply interested in considering all the possible options for development in the Parish.

The date and time for submissions has now been amended to 5.00pm on 31 March 2017. Submissions must be made in writing to

Juliet Pienaar, St Stephen Parish Clerk
The Parish Centre,
Station Road
Bricket Wood,  St Albans,
Hertfordshire,  AL2 3PJ

Or by e-mail:

For more information on the Neighbourhood Plan go to  Council Projects – Neighbourhood Plan