New Information Boards for Local Woods

New Information Boards for Local Woods

New information boards for Blackgreen Wood and St Julians Wood have been installed at the footpath entrances to both woodlands. They have been designed and purchased as part of the improvement work set out in the Woodland Management Plans and made possible by the allocation of funds from the English Woodlands Grant Scheme.

The two woodlands are very different, each having their own character, and the boards reflect this. They each include a map of the wood and surrounding area, the public footpaths and permissive paths, and an indication of the flora and fauna you would be likely to see. The boards have been mounted in craftsman made English oak map cases to ensure they fit in with the surroundings, and the woodlands they depict, and the style of the boards has been carefully selected to ensure that they are accessible to all.

Information leaflets are being developed to provide more details about the two woodlands, their history and the work being done to bring them back to their traditiJB-&-Woodland-Information-Boardonal forms as ancient semi-natural woodlands. They will also include the map of the woodland, showing the paths and some of the things visitors may see on their walks.

Cllr John Bell, Trees & Woodlands Committee Chairman, commented:

“These woods are a great community asset and the installation of these information boards at each of the entrances will ensure that people can get the most out of the woodlands – they will help guide them on the paths and give them a better understanding of the animals and plants to be found.”

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