New Street Art Mural at Park Street Recreation Ground

New Street Art Mural at Park Street Recreation Ground

Visitors to Park Street Recreation Ground will now be welcomed by a bright, colourful street art mural depicting the range of activities that can be enjoyed in the Park. The Parish Council received grant funding towards the mural from St Albans City & District Council’s ‘Visible Street Scene’ initiative.

Once the grant had been confirmed, the search began to find a suitable artist to design and paint the mural and after many enquires On the Level Productions were selected. Their brief was to create a bright mural depicting the recreation ground activities without identifying any of the characters. Several designs were considered prior to selection, following which there was a period of consultation with Parish Councillors, the District Council and residents in the vicinity. As a result of the consultation, further alterations were made before the final design was arrived at.

artwork-in-progress-webThe artist began work on the mural in November and recreated, from the paper design, a bright and colourful mural filling the blank wall. The resulting artwork has brightened the street scene, which was the original intention, and created interest.

Cllr Pryce, Park Street Parish Councillor commented

“The mural has greatly improved the look of the area for the local community – where previously there was just a blank, grubby white wall we now have a colourful piece of art which reflects what goes on in the Park.”

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