Parish Council Welcomes HCC Response to SRFI Petition

Parish Council Welcomes HCC Response to SRFI Petition

The Parish Council has welcomed the decision taken by the County Council to reiterate its opposition to the proposed development of the Strategic Rail Freight Terminal at the former Radlett Aerodrome site following the presentation of a petition signed by more than 10,000 people calling for the Council not to sell the land to HelioSlough.

Parish Councillor John Bell, who attended the meeting, commented:

“It is very gratifying that the County Council has responded to the public opinion expressed in the petition and we are very pleased that this has resulted in the resolution opposing the development of the SRFI in Park Street being supported and agreed.

It is worth noting that this development would have far-reaching effects on the whole County, not just the St Albans area.”

It was noted that to date, no approach to purchase the land has been made by HelioSlough, but should an offer be made the County Council has to consider its legal obligations, which are not the same as a private landowner who can simply choose not to sell.

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