Protected Trees in Bricket Wood to be Replaced

Following representations by the Parish Council trees that have died in an area covered by a Tree Preservation Order will have to be replaced once they have been felled. Councillor Freeman commented:

“We are very pleased to see that our representations have been taken into account and the TPO upheld. It is essential that trees covered by a TPO are cared for and, when necessary, replaced. There is environmental value in dead standing wood and as long as trees are not in a dangerous condition they should remain in situ. The replacement of the felled trees will ensure that the wooded area is maintained and that gardens in Ashridge Drive do not suffer any more flooding than they do already following the previous loss of so many mature trees.”

The Parish Council had objected to an application to fell two trees and reduce the crowns on three others as it related to an area adjoining part of a semi-ancient wooded copse devastated by previous illegal felling. Councillor Mick Freeman, Parish Council Planning Committee Chair, addressed the SADC Planning Referrals meeting to request that the minimum amount of work be carried out to the living trees to ensure their longevity and that if the decision was taken to grant permission to remove the dead trees, they be replaced with semi mature specimens. All the trees in a wooded copse between Oakwood Road and Ashridge Drive had a Tree Preservation Order placed on them in June 2015.

The Parish Council was also instrumental in getting a Tree Preservation Order placed on a group of oaks and hornbeams at the junction of West Riding and Mount Pleasant Lane where a number of oaks had been felled at the beginning of February.

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