Update on Work in Mutchetts Wood

Update on Work in Mutchetts Wood

Henry Holland Hibbert has issued the following update about forthcoming work in Mutchetts Wood:


Update on Work in Mutchetts Wood

We hope to get back into Mutchetts Wood next week. There are some more trees to fell which could not be reached by the mechanical tree harvester last autumn which will need to be hand felled. These are close to the railway line and footpath and a greater degree of accuracy is required. Thereafter another machine will go in to pick up the felled timber and lift it out to the loading bays to be stacked for future sale and removal. The weather is not helping us but hopefully we will be able to get this done over the next few weeks.

The team will not be there every day, they have other work to do for me and others but I am keen to get this section completed as soon as possible now. We haven’t yet decided where we go next but I will let you know as soon as any decision is made.


Updates on progress will be uploaded to the blog on the District Council website at:

For further information please contact Henry using the details given below:

Henry Holland-Hibbert
Munden Estate Office
WD25 8PZ
Tel:  01923 675658
Email:    estate@munden.co.uk
Web:    www.munden.co.uk

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